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What is Gem Bundler?

Gem Bundler helps you track and install the gems you need for your Ruby project.

How to Start a Blog with Ruby

This tutorial shows you how to start a blog page using Ruby on Rails. By covering the design aspects of a Rails web application, it makes it easier to understand the concepts behind Rails and how they fit together.  A simple blog/CMS is almost trivial to implement in Rails—scaffolding alone will get you a good way through.

Rails makes it very easy to generate the files that you need to start building a Rails application. Just open the Terminal on a Mac or the Command prompt on Windows.

Using your terminal navigate to your working directory and generate your new rails application.

rails new blog -T

This will generate for you a new Rails application and install a couple of gems for you. The -T flag tells Rails to generate the new application without a test suite. When you generate a new Rails application, by default some gems are added for you to work with. Gems are like plugins or libraries with some functionality, installed to satisfy specific needs.